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School Supplies for 2023-2024


We have chosen 1st Day School Supplies to be our school supply vendor! After much research, 1st Day School Supplies is offering a better price, better quality and brands, and great customer service for our school supply needs.

Your student’s order will be delivered to his/her homeroom for Meet the Teacher in August.

Click HERE to order your School Supply Kits!

NOTE: Student Supplies are items that the students themselves will use.
Classroom Supplies are items that the teachers need for their classrooms (tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.). Please order both kits!

The CMG Safe Haven online training is replacing the VIRTUS training.

All school parent volunteers who have frequent, ongoing or recurring contact with students must complete SAFE HAVEN online training.

The training consists of 3 short training videos, followed by a few questions,  the program is approximately 60 minutes in length and will include a criminal background check that must be completed.

These trainings are available in both English and Spanish. There will no longer be any live training sessions, all Safe Environment trainings will be available online only.

  • All new employees and volunteers will complete the Safe Haven online training program instead of  the previously required VIRTUS PGC training. The turnaround time for compliance approval is approximately two weeks.
  • All individuals must complete the training and complete a background check prior to the start of employment and/or volunteer service.
  • The 5-year anniversary date is still in place. Individuals who recently attended a VIRTUS training session will not be required to complete refresher trainings until they have met their 5-year anniversary date.
  • As the 5-year anniversary date is met, individuals will need to log into CMGConnect with their previous personal VIRTUS User ID and 1234 as the password. Once the individual logs into their CMGConnect account, they will be able to change their password. If they do not remember the User ID, they may contact the following:

1.      Daphne Woods at 800.228.6108 ext. 2375 or
2.      CMG at

The following individuals below will now be required to complete Safe Haven online training as well:

1.      Individuals who have never attended training.
2.      Individuals who are currently due for refresher training and had not attended VIRTUS training.
3.      Individuals who are currently due and have not attended VIRTUS training.
4.      Individuals who are out of compliance or past due.

Please register at:

Note: A volunteer’s completion will be verified before being allowed to volunteer at a school activity. These policies were established by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston by the Safe Environment Program. Any questions, please contact Sonia Flores SFdS School Safe Environment Coordinator.

Before & After School Program

Learn More about BASP

If you would like to chat with Mrs. Khaled, please complete the form below to schedule an appointment.

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Communication Tips for Parents

Menninger Communication Tips for Parents

Anxiety In Children 

Prevention of childhood anxiety is important, because anxiety disorders affect one in five U.S. children, many of whom are undiagnosed. These unrecognized disorders can cause depression, poor academic performance during childhood and into adulthood, as well as substance abuse. -Medical News Today, November 2012

Some Friendly Reminders:

-Each family is responsible for completing 10 volunteer opportunities for the year.
-Every point is worth $10 and each family will be charged at the end of the year for incomplete points.
-Earn points by volunteering and attending PTO meetings. More opportunities are coming your way!
-Have a busy schedule? You may also choose to buy out your volunteer hours instead.

*All volunteers must be SAFE HAVEN trained. Please contact the front office with any questions regarding SAFE HAVEN training.

Recording your volunteer hours is easy at the link below:

>> Volunteer Hours <<