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For more practice with your skills, here are some different options....
HVA (Houston Volleyball Academy)
They have skills camps and BEACH VOLLEYBALL!  I recommend your daughter play some beach volleyball this summer.  It teaches so much about ball control and communicating and you get a tan while doing it!
Sokol Volleyball
Debbie Sokol is a volleyball genius.  I have learned so much from her as a coach but I also used to go to her camps as a player.  SHe really knows her stuff and only hires people that are going to benefit the players.
Career Prep Volleyball
I have a past player that plays for the beach portion of this club and she is the starting setter at West side HS.  She has grown a lot in between seasons. I do not personally know about the club, but I know the player
Club Catalyst
My college assistant coach now runs a club in the jersey village area, but he said the best club in Ft. Bend to be a part of is this one.  He also knows EVERYTHING about volleyball.
Any questions, please email me at

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