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Upper School (4-8) in Houston

4th Grade
5th Grade
6th - 8th Grade

Fourth grade is the year when students move from the Lower School to the Upper School and students are able to demonstrate higher levels of responsibility. They are challenged and supported by teachers who are trained in differentiation and meeting individual needs. Fourth graders switch teachers for Math/Science and ELAR and have 1:1 Chromebooks.

  • Read award-winning novels and short stories
  • Strengthen math skills and challenging multi-step problem solving and critical thinking
  • Build inquiry skills and the Scientific Method for hands-on investigations
  • Learn about Texas history and performing the Texas Play/Musical
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library and PE

Students in fifth grade are allowed to work more independently and are encouraged to be more self-reliant. Fifth graders attend Camp Kappe for a four-day outdoor learning experience of God’s gift of nature with a curriculum provided by the School of Environmental Education. They also have 1:1 Chromebooks and switch teachers for Math/Science and ELAR.

  • Expand creative writing skills
  • Use problem-solving skills to solve expressions and equations, percentages, and geometry
  • Conduct inquiry-based experiments and hands-on investigations
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library and PE

All Middle School students are members of the Micah Club, a service organization to help our students to develop a strong sense of community through service to others.

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