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Private education has proven to be a better and safer option than public or charter schools. We provide a TEKS-aligned curriculum.

Lower School (K-3) in Houston

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1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
The SFdS kindergarten program promotes academic excellence in an engaging environment where students can discover their world with opportunities for hands-on exploration.

  • Mastering numbers and letters with ABC and Number Bootcamp
  • Phonics to Reading program by Wiley Blevins
  • Math concepts include shapes and simple math equations
  • Writing sentences, reading books, and telling stories
  • Science exploration and experiments
  • Learning to be a good citizen
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library and
  • Motor Lab

In 1st Grade, SFdS students are introduced to new genres of literature and increase their reading independence using The Daily 5 Literacy Framework. Students continue learning math concepts and number sense which are reinforced through hands-on manipulatives and creative games.

  • Explore multiple genres of literature through small literacy groups
  • Develop a solid foundation in addition, subtraction, problem-solving, geometric shapes, time & money
  • Apply various spelling patterns to writing while developing handwriting skills
  • Explore natural resources, caring for our earth, weather, plants & animals, and space
  • Explore America – rules and responsibilities, citizenship, maps, and communities
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library, and PE

SFdS students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in Second grade. In addition, they are growing in their sense of independence and experimenting with wordplay and poetry as well as multi-step problem-solving in math. Second graders are also excited about learning cursive writing!

  • Prepare for 1st reconciliation and communion
  • Explore multiple literature genres including a fantasy novel study
  • Challenging math concepts including beginning multiplication and graph interpretation
  • Understand communities and develop map skills
  • Study plant and animal life, properties of matter and different forms of matter
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library, and PE

Third grade is a year full of transition and growth. Students go from learning to read to reading to learn. Throughout the year, they not only gain new information, but they learn helpful tips on organizing themselves, accessing information, patience, problem-solving, and teamwork.

  • Explore the meaning of text through various genres
  • Move from adding and subtracting to multiplying and dividing
  • Students develop form and technique by diving deeper into the writing process
  • Use questioning and inquiry in science
  • Ancillary classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library and PE

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