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Chapter 13

Test Thursday 1-27

Science TEKS 7.14

Organisms and environments. The student knows that reproduction is a characteristic of living organisms and that the instructions for traits are governed in the genetic material. The student is expected to:

(A) define heredity as the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the
next generation;

(B) compare the results of uniform or diverse offspring from sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction; and

(C) recognize that inherited traits of individuals are governed in the genetic material found in the genes within chromosomes.


Section 1: Genetics


  • Genetics, heredity, traits
  • Genes, alleles
  • Mendelian inheritance
  • Hybrids; dominant and recessive genes
  • Punnet squares
  • Genotype (homozygous, heterozygous) and phenotype


In Class
At Home
Monday 12-6 Discuss science fair/news article Science Current Events form is here
Tuesday 12-7 NOVA "Ghost in Your Genes"- introduce cincept of epigenome

Answer show questions

Wednesday 12-8 NOVA "Ghost in Your Genes" Answer show questions
Thursday12-9 "Ghost in Your Genes"  
Friday 12-10 "Ghost in you Genes" - discussion  
In Class
At Home
Monday 12-13 Heredity and genes; Gregor Mendel; hybrids; dominant and recessive alleles, genotypes and phenotypes Read ch. 13, sec. 1. Section 1 assessment p. 390 #1-5
Tuesday 12-14 Lab activity "Predicting Results" Complete the paper
Wednesday 12-15

Practice: p. 390 # 6, 7.


Christmas Break
Tuesday 1-4 Review heredity  
Wednesday 1-5 Pre -Lab activity "Corn Genetics"  
Thursday 1-6 Lab "Corn Genetics"  
Friday 1-7 Lab "Corn Genetics" Complete the corn genetics paper.

Section 2: Genetics since Mendel


  • Incomplete dominance
  • Multiple alleles, blood types
  • Polygenic inheritance
  • Mutations
  • Recessive genetic disorders
  • Sex determination
  • Sex-linked disorders and pedigrees
In Class
At Home
Monday 1-10 Incomplete dominance; multiple alleles - blood types Read p. 392-393; p. 398#6
Tuesday 1-11

Polygenic inheritance; mutations and chromosomal disorders; recessive genetic disorders

Read p. 394-396
Wednesday 1-12 Sex determination; lab activity"50:50 Chances" Complete " 50:50 Chances" report

Thursday 1-13 Friday 1-14

Discuss results; Sex-linked disorders; pedigrees  
In class
At home
Monday 1-17 Pedigree problems Read p. 397-398

Section 3: Genetic Engineering


  • Genetic engineering
  • Recombinant DNA
  • Gene therapy


Tuesday 1-18


Work on Genetic Engineering Assignment

When the above is completed, work on Genetic Engineering Internet activities: go to Learn Genetics and complete as many activities as you can, starting with "What is Gene Therapy".

Genetic Engineering Assignment due on Thursday
Wednesday 1-19  
Thursday 1-20

Learn Genetics

Friday 1-21 Activity "Sex-Linked Disorders in History"  
In Class
At Home
Monday 1-24 Sex-linked disorders Study for the chapter 13 test; complete sex-linked disorders paper.
Tuesday 1-25 Review chapter 13. Study for the chapter 13 test
Wednesday 1-26 Review chapter 13 Study for the chapter 13 test
Thursday 1-27 Test Chapter 13 Heredity.