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Campus Ministry

Welcome to St. Francis de Sales School's Campus Ministry!

Campus Ministry is an integral component of the Saint Francis de Sales School mission.  Through out the school  year students will live out their faith through celebrating the Mass, Sacraments, Prayer Services, Retreats, Service Projects, and Social Activities.

St. Francis de Sales School Campus Ministry Vision Statement

  • Making Catholicism matter

  • Nurturing disciples to their fullest potential

  • Impacting our brothers and sisters in Christ

2016-2017 St. Francis de Sales Catholic School
Campus Ministry Team

Servant General: Evan Benavides

Assistant Servant General: Ezey Duru

Logistics Committee

  • Daryn Ezikeuzor [8th]: Committee Chair
  • Sean Paul Chipongian [7th]: Assistant Committee Chair
  • Ezey Duru [8th]
  • Kris Arbasto [8th]
  • Jada Dike [8th]
  • Benji Caligur [7th]
  • Alan Hoang [7th]
  • Sofia Serrano [7th]


Audio/Visual Committee

  • Jonathan Makhoul [8th]: Committee Chair
  • James Kong [8th]: Assistant Committee Chair
  • Gaby Tobias [8th]
  • Sofia Fabi [8th]
  • Mandy Cortis [7th]
  • Braden Leite [7th]
  • Odi Aneji [7th]
  • Alejandro Longobardi [7th]

Service Committee

  • Eleni Kaiser [8th]: Committee Chair
  • Amanda Stockton [8th]: Assistant Committee Chair
  • Evan Benavides [8th]
  • Saron Sahle [8th]
  • Joelle Mendez [7th]
  • Sofia Macias [7th]
  • Krissel Tad-y [7th]
  • Ryan Nguyen [7th]
Find out what's happening with Campus Ministry by reading our Monthly Campus Ministry Newsletter!
Upcoming Campus Ministry Events
Apr 2: Parish/School Mass
Apr 6: 3rd Grade+ First Communion Class
Apr 9: 8th Grade Retreat Night
Apr 12: Technology and Social Media Safety Talk
Apr 13: 3rd Grade+ First Communion Class
Apr 14: 2nd and 3rd Grade Reconciliation Service
Apr 15: 2nd Grade Baptismal Renewal
Apr 16: First Communion
Apr 16: Calypso Night
Apr 27: 8th Grade Retreat
Apr 28: 8th and 7th Grade Reconciliation Service
Apr 30: 8th Grade Mother’s Tea
May 1: Parish/School Mass
May 1: Parish Bazaar
May 3: May Crowning
May 12: 6th Grade Reconciliation Service
May 13: 8th Grade Farewell School Mass
May 16: 8th Grade Dads’ Celebration
May 20: 8th Grade Graduation Mass

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